Take command of a mecha strike force!

Warborn is a turn-based strategy game where players command an army of mecha and clash with the enemy in tense tactical battles.

Follow the story of a solar system in the grip of war as you fight through a range of combat scenarios in the single player campaign or compete with friends and other players in online multiplayer.

Warborn is currently in development for Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows and Mac OSX.

Expected to release in 2020.

Available to wishlist on Steam!


Choose from a wide range of units with different skills and combat roles. Expand your forces by calling in reinforcements from orbital dropships.


Use terrain properties to your advantage and make tactical decisions when positioning your forces. Capture structures to obtain additional deployment sites and resources.


Engage the enemy with various attack options and see your strike force clash with the enemy in exciting battle sequences. Inflict status effects, plant traps and support allies using unique unit skills.


Play as one of four unique commanders and take advantage of their powerful personal mecha and play style.


Join the Warborn discord community to chat about the game, ask questions and learn what's happening during development.


Media Kit

Media kit containing screenshots, logo etc.
Download Zip


Josh Regan
Game design and programming
Tom Waterhouse
Artwork and UI design
Luke Thomas
Music and sound design

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