Current Project: Warborn

I've been busy working on a new game for PC called "Warborn".
Warborn Warborn Concept Art

Player's take on the role of one of four unique commanders, manage their own strike force of anime inspired mecha and deploy them in tactical turn-based battles.

Check out the games section for more info and the dev blog for updates.

Recently I did an interview with StrategyGamer about Warborn, which can be found here!
Raredrop Games

About Raredrop Games

Raredrop Games is an independant game development studio based in Bristol, UK. The company was founded in 2015 by Josh Regan in the hope of pursuing game development full-time.

With a background in mobile development, previous games from the studio have been exclusive to iOS. The most recent title released in August was To The Throne, a retro inspired minimalist puzzle game that was originally made as part of GBJam.

The studio has since made the move to PC development and is now working on a new turn-based strategy game with a focus on online multiplayer.

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Dev Blog Update

Jun 27, 2017

Fighting Dragons and Balancing Unit Abilities - By Josh

So I’ve been busy over the last month implementing all of the combat and status effect visuals and the game logic behind them.

Using (Or Fighting With) DragonBones

The work adding animations has been particularly difficult as I’m using DragonBones, which is a 2D animation tool which comes with a Unity plugin.

It works pretty well most of the time but isn’t really built for more complex use cases, for example I need to have each animated object use it’s own material instance which DragonBones doesn’t really support as it caches and shares materials between armatures of the same type. This meant I had to spend a bit of time making adjustments to allow for the additional functionality I need for Warborn and at times it seemed like I was just going further and further down the rabbit hole.

Anyway, I eventually managed to get it working the way I want and as a result the animations are coming together nicely!

Examples of the status effects
Warborn Warborn Warborn

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May 22, 2017

Warborn Techspark Article

Very late posting this but my current project (Warborn) was featured in a nice article about the Bristol game development scene along with 11 other games currently being developed in Bristol.

Check out the article here

I even made a GIF of some combat from the game specially for it :)

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May 21, 2017

Warborn Interview With StrategyGamer

I recently talked with StrategyGame about Warborn and the inspirations behind the game.

It’s actually the most I’ve spoken about the game publicly so there are a few small reveals there!

Full interview at StrategyGamer

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Aug 8, 2016

To The Throne on Touch Arcade

Touch Arcade reviewed To The Throne just before launch. Have a read what they had to say!

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Aug 1, 2016

To The Throne soundtrack now available!

The soundtrack for To The Throne is now available on Spotify and iTunes!

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